In the Chishti shrine in Ajmer

[A wonderful description of this sacred place and reflects many of my own thoughts as well – ISC]

Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti attracted kings and peasants alike to his discourses.

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Unveiling the Qur’an

Meeting the Qur’an through a Feminine voice

Source: Unveiling the Qur’an

February 11, 2019 by Saimma Dyer
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7th Jumada ath Thani Hazrat Bibi Pak Daman-Lahore

Followers at the shrine of Hazrat Bibi Pak Daman. Photo: Express/Abid Nawaz

Bibi Pāk Dāman (Urdu: بی بی پاکدامن) is the name given to the shrine and mausoleum of Ruqayyah bint Ali located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Legend has it that it holds the graves of six ladies from Muhammad’s household (Ahl Al-Bayt).  Ruqayah bint Ali ibn Abu Talib was the daughter of the first the Prophet Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law Ali ibn Abu Talib with his wife Umm al banin bint Huzaam.

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6th Jumada ath Thani Urs Shah Niyaz – Bareli 1250H

Shah Niyaz – Barelly

Shah Niyaz inherited spiritual qualities from his parents, particularly from his mother, from childhood.

His mother gave him in the care of Sayed Faqruddin Muhammad Dehlvi who is famous by the name Maulana Faqr-e-paak/Fakr-e-Zahaan who later made Shah Niyaz his spiritual disciple. He used to call him Miyan. Faqr-e-paak deputed Niyaz to Bareli (Uttarpradesh, India) to carry out the work of the order.

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4th Jumada ath Thani Birthday Nawab Gudri Shah Baba & Inam Gudri Shah Baba

Gudri Shah Baba

You may have heard it said that ”God can be found by searching for him”.

After hearing a little of the life and search of Hazrat Syed Malik Mohammed Alam, known as Gudri Shah Baba I, you will be reassured that for a human being nothing is impossible.

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