11th Safar Urs Salman Farsi, Ctesiphon, Al-Mada’in Iraq 44AH/664CE

Dargah in Ctesiphon, Al-Mada’in, Iraq

Salman the Persian or Salmān al-Fārsī (meaning “the Persian” born Rouzbeh) was one of Muhammad’s companions. During some of his later meetings with the other Sahaba, he was referred to as Abu Abdullah (“Father of Abdullah”).

It was Salman who came up with the idea of digging a great trench around the city of Medina to defend the city and its people from the army of 10,000 non-Muslims of Arabia. Muhammad and his companions agreed and accepted Salman’s plan because it was safer and there would be a better chance that the non-Muslim army of Arabia would have a larger number of casualties. Salman came up with the idea from remembering the same thing happening in Persia; when the Persians learned that their enemies planned to invade their territory, they dug a trench around them to be safe. The attack that the Muslims had expected, is known as the Battle of the Trench.

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9th Safar Urs Syed Shah Amir Abul ullah, Agra, 1061AH/1651CE

Hazrat Syedna Shah Ameer Abulula Ahrari Naqshbandi (سیدنا شاہ امیر ابو العلی احراری) was a Sufi saint of the Naqshbandi order in India. He died in 1651 during the reign of the Moghul emperor Jahangir, and his shrine is located in Agra. He married the daughter of his spiritual master, Hazrat Syedna Abdullah Ahrari Naqshbandi, who was also his uncle. He was also the nephew of Faizi and Abu al-Fazl ibn Mubarak.

The “Abul Ulai” sublineage of the Naqshbandi order is named after him and is one of the major sublineages in South Asia. The major branch of the Abululai order is the Aghai Abululai branch based in Aghapura, Hyderabad, India.

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7th Safar Urs Mohammed Suleman, Taunsa Sharif, Pakistan 1267AH/1850CE

Dargha complex in Taunsa Sharif

Muhammad Suleman Taunsvi (1184A.H/1770CE – 1267A.H/1850CE) was a Sufi saint born to the Jafar Pakhtun tribe of Darug, Loralai District, Balochistan province, in what is now Pakistan. His dargah lies in Tehsil Taunsa of district Dera Ghazi Khan of Punjab province in Pakistan. Taunsa Sharif is located on the Karachi-Peshawar Indus Highway near the headworks on the Indus River called Taunsa Barrage. His urs is celebrated at his shrine every year from 5-7 Safar.

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1st Safar Urs Waris Ali Shah, Deva Sharif, 1323AH/1905CE)


Dargah of Waris Ali Shah in Deva Sharif

Deva Sharif : Haji Waris Ali Shah was born in early nineteenth century in Deva in a family of Hussaini Syeds. His genealogy traces origin from Hazrat Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and martyr of Karbala, through 26 linkages in between. Continue reading

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3rd Safar Urs Khwaja Dana, Surat, Gujrat, India

Dargha in Surat Gujarat

A sufi saint buried in Surat, Gujarat. If you know more about this person please email me or respond to this post.

View Inside the Mausoleum
Entry to the Dargha Courtyard

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