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bismillah-circleNew Recommended Book

As salaam alaykum, greetings of peace to you! New recommended book of the month for December 2017 is a fabulous history of the English translations of the Koran (sic). Bruce Lawrence has studied the Qur’an for many years and his store of knowledge is invaluable to the study. This book is remarkable in its readability and in what can be learned. No matter your level of knowledge you will find explanations and revelations illuminated by Professor Lawrence’s great ability to share his knowledge. The book is available on and you can easily order it by clicking on the link in the right column of this or any page of this website.

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29th Rabi ul Awwal Urs Muhammad Chishti 1040AH/1630CE

Dargha of Ghulam Muhammad Chishti Sabri – Chack Pero, Gujratwala, Pakistan

Khwaja Abu Muhammad Chishti was a mureed of Hazrat Khwaja Abu Ahmad Abdal Chishti and the murshid of Hazrat Khwaja Abu Yusuf Chishti. You can see the silsila of the current Inayati lineage here. Continue reading

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24th Rabi ul Awwal Urs Shah Kalim Allah Jahanabadi, Jammah Masjid, Delhi

Mazar of Shah Kalimallah jahanabadi Photo (c) Imam Salim Chishti 2017

Shah Kalim Allah Jahanabadi (there are many variations on the spelling and format of his name) was a great Sufi Saint in the Chishti lineage. He founded the Kaleemi branch of the order that migrated to Hyderabad, India. Eventually this led to Hazrat Inayat Khan meeting Syed Muhammad Abu Hashem Madani in Hyderabad. Madani then sent Inayat Khan to the west.

His Dargah is located near the Jammah Masjid, opposite the Red Fort, in Delhi, India.

The saint was the man who took on himself the task of bringing about a moral reawakening during the last days of the reign of Aurangzeb. The saint was born in Delhi around 1650 and his father, Sheikh Noorullah, was a well-known astronomer, calligraphist and professor of theology and he studied theology under the guidance of Sheikh Bunharuddin and Sheikh Bahlool, two famous ulemas of the time. After completing his studies, he renounced the world and became a sufi. At the place where the shrine is situated once stood Khanam-ka-bazaar which housed khanqa— a religious abode-cum-inn which was later converted into a college.

There are several stories about the miracles performed by the saint including one in which he commanded the Yamuna River to behave itself when the river flooded half of Delhi and he was also supposed to cure disease including the blindness of a girl. Every year, a two-day urs is held at the shrine which is attended by those who are on their way back from the pilgrimage to Ajmer Sharif.

His book “Kashkul Kalimi” is a collection of Azkar (plural of zikr) from various Chishti saints. It has been translated into English and is part of the recently published “Sufi Meditation and Contemplation” translated and edited by Siraj al Haqq Scott Kugle, available at the Omega Publications web site.

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22nd Rabi ul Awwal Urs Molana Fazal ul Rehman Ganj Moradabadi, U.P. 1313AH

Dargah in Ganj Moradabad

He was the son of Hazrat Makhdoom Shaikh Ahllullah Miyan(ra) and the grandson of Muhammad Barkatullah Miyan(ra).

Right from his infancy, the child wasted no time in games and devoted himself completely to prayers. When other children asked him to play, he said to them, “Allah has not sent me for playing in the world.” He spoke Kalima (profession of faith) as early as the age of two and a half yers. Those who heard him pray at that age were truly astonished.

Hazrat Maulna Shah Fazal-ul-Rehman Ganj Muradabadi (ra) comes in the 31st generation of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique(ra) from his father side, and was a Hassani wal Hussaini Sayed from his mother side. He was born in Mallawan Sharif which is in Uttar Pradesh 9km from Gunmuradabad Sharif there is a very famous mazar sharif of Hazrat Makhdoom Misba-hul-ashiquine urf maghan miyan(ra) in mallawan sharif. He was so much involved in the love of Allah and his Holy Prophet(saw) his face was very similar to Holy Prophet(saw) due to which many Auliya Allah use to come to visit him. He was very Jalali Buzurg when ever he use to see at any tree the tree use to get dry. He use to say that this is not because of me my Allah but you have given me this sift.

Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) comes in 9th genertaion of Hazrat Makhdoom Misba-hul-ashiquine(rehmatullah alaih). When Hazrat Maulna Fazl-e-Rehman Gunjmuradabadi(rahmatullah alaih) was hardly eleven years of age when his father passed away. There was a famine in the land and there was nothing to eat in the house. His mother closed the door and the family lived on boiled leaves. She would not let anybody know her misery. She has many rich relatives but she prayed only to Allah for help.

Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(ra) has said that he learned darse nizami wa fiqah wa usool wa kalam and other Islamic things at Bahrul ullom under the guidance of Maulana Mohameed Noor Sahab Firangi Mahal, The father of Maulana Mohameed Noor Sahab use to tell me to sit at his seat(musnad) and use to love him a lot.

Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) use to read one and half or two parts of Tafseer Fiqah, this was the grace of Allah tala that he use to directly get benefits from the Prophets and Sahabas (may peace be upon them) while reading the books releated to them. Hazrat Gujmuradbadi (ra) has also said that while reading “Yusuf Jhuleka” he was blessed by Hazrat Yusuf Alaih Salam.

He reached Delhi for the first time in 1221 AH to take bayat from Hazrat Khwaja Afaq Sahab(ra), Hazrat was well informed from beginning that the boy who is coming to take bayat is not an ordinary one, Personality like him is rarely born, many of the Mashayak and Aulia of that time has prayed to get him but by the grace of Allah he was sent in the hands of Hazrat Khwaja Afaq Sahab (ra) and so he send his Khulfas and mureed to welcome him from a long distance, Hazrat Khwaja Afaq Sahab(ra) said about Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) that:
“One day you will dazzle the world like a sun.”

After taking bayat he desired his will to learn Usool-E-Hadees Sharif his Pir Sahab Smiled and granted him the permission and gave his blessings, On the first day of his class Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(ra) treated him as a normal student, Hazrat Gujmuradbadi (ra) slept empty stomach without having any food, but Allah knows what Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi (ra) saw in the night that next day early morning he sent one of his servant to call him but he went in the maghrib after taking permission from his Pir Sahab. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi (ra) treated him with great love and affection and told him that from today onwards have your dinner with me, after that he started the Hadees class which would start from Isha and last till Tahajud. Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi (ra) sahab use to only allow his Son Inlaw (daughter’s husband) Hazrat Sayed Zahiruddine Shaheed to attain class with him. Hazrat Maulana Shah Fazl-e-Rehman Gujmuradbadi(rahmatullah alaih) learned 18 parts of Bhukhari Sharif in one go on which Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Dhelvi(rahmatullah alaih) became very happy and gave his blessings.

Then he returned to Ganj Moradabad and resided there. It became a centre of spiritual learning in the country. He built many mosques all over the country. He lived in a very small house. Both Hindus and Muslims flocked to see him for light and wisdom.

His life was very simple. He dressed very poorly. He lived on bajra bread. He lived in a mud house. He used to smoke the hookah because of constipation. His disciple brought him costly clothes but he wore only rags. He did not use a pillow for sleeping. However, he was fond of Delhi shoes and Delhi caps.

Once an Arab asked him for two hundred rupees. He did not know who the person was. He borrowed the money from a shopkeeper and gave it to him. But the Arab was not satisfied. He wanted another Rs. 50. He also managed that money for hm. Then the Arab demanded a blanket and a pitcher. The Master gave him his own blanket and his own pitcher. Then the Arab wanted Master to write ten letters for him. The Master did that also for an unknown guest. Then the Arab demanded fare for a pony. The Master directed the Arab to take the money from a certain shopkeeper. Such was the Master’s limitless generosity and tolerance.

The Master had a miraculous touch and he cured everybody by simply praying for him. He cured some of the most dangerous diseases by simply giving water to the sufferers.


Dargah in Ganj Moradabad









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21st Rabi ul Awwal Urs Abdul Haq Mohaddis Delhvi- Mehroli, New Delhi 1051AH

sufiurslogo-fbHazrat Allama Shaikh Abdul Haq Mohaddis Delhvi (ra). He was the son of Shaikh Saifuddeen Turk Bukhari and Mureed of Hazrat Syed Musa Gilani Qadri. He was an Aalim e Deen, Muhadiseen and Auliya and was respected by all religious scholars. He wrote 116 books on Deen and Spiritual Knowledge. He once expressed that he wanted to die in the cause of Allah (Shahadat) and be laid to rest in Madina. Otherwise be laid to rest Hauz e Shamshi (Shamsh Talaab) since this place was holy and to keep the Shijra e Peer at his Mazaar and the following to be written in bold letters “Allah is my Lord and RasulAllah Muhammed (saw) is my Prophet (Nabi) and Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Ghaus Paak) is my Shaikh.”

His Wafaat was during the reign of Shahjahaan 21 Rabi-ul-Awal 1052 Hijri at a ripe old age of 94. He wanted to be laid to rest at Hauz e Shamshi (Shamsh Talaab) in the gumbad which the commander of Shahjahaan’s Army Mahabat Khan had made in his lifetime. His Namaz e Janaza was offered by his son Hazrat Nur ul Haque (ra)

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21st Rabi ul Awwal Urs Pir Muhammad ul Hassan Jili ul Kaleemi, 1308AH/1890CE, Tolichowki, Hyderabad, India


Mazar in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, India. Photo (c) Imam Salim Chishti

He was buried in what is now the Kaleemi Astana in the Tolichowki district (near Hussain Wali Shah Masjid) of Hyderabad, India, near him are buried his son and grandson as well as two great-grandsons and several others of the family including Pir Rasheed ul Hassan Jili ul Kaleemi. The Astana is connected to a Mosque where Friday prayers are offered.

For more information you can contact Imam Salim.

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