8 December (CE calendar) Hazrat Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, East Fallowfield, PA, 1986CE


Mazar in Fallowfield, PA

“Peace, unity, and equality…when we are in one place, when we live in one place, eat in one place, sleep in one place, disappear in one place, die in one place, when our final judgment is given in one place, and when we finally join together in heaven in one place, that is unity. Even when we go to that (final) place, we all live together in freedom as one family, one group. In this world and in the next world we live together in freedom, as one family of peace. This is Islam. If we find this way of peace, this is Islam.”
— M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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7th Rabbi ath- Thani Urs Khwaja Ghulam Farid, Mithan Kot, Pakistan, 1319AH/1901CE

Dargha of Khwaja Ghulam Farid in Mithan Kot

Khwaja Ghulam Farid, the top most spiritual poet in Siraiki Language, was born in 1845 A.D. at Kot Mithan, in a family of Arab settlers who had come to this country along with the Arab forces.

Maulana Khuda Bux had two sons, Khwaja Farid-ud-Din and Khawaja Fakhar-ud-Din. It is said that when Khwaja Ghulam Farid was a child, Maulana Muhammad gave him the first lesson of the first alphabet “ALIF” and asked him to say “ALIF”. He repeated the same again and again till every-one present there was enveloped by a trance. Some qawali singers were invited and they too recited the same word on their musical instruments. The trance remained in sway for a considerable time.

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4th Rabbi ath-Thani Urs Hazrat Abu Yusuf Chishti, 459AH/1067CE

Chisht-e Sharif, Afghanistan

Khwaja Abu Yusuf al-Chishti (ra) was one of the great Persian saints of Afghanistan. The level of his marifah and love for Allah is rare even among the saints. Khwaja Abu Yusuf r.a was the son of the sister of Khwaja Abu Mohammed r.a. His mother was waliayah of great sanctity who was so engrossed in the remembrance of Allah that she refused to get married until instructed to do so by divine inspiration. As Khwaja Abu Mohammed r.a had no children, he took Khawaja Abu Yusuf into his own care and gave him all the benefits of his spiritual learning.

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29 November, Hazrat Khadim Hasan Gudri Shah Baba III, Usmani Chillah, Ajmer, 1970

Gudri Shah Baba III, Usmani Chilla, Ajmer, India

Hazrat Mohammed Khadim Hasan Shah, Nawab Gudri Shah Baba III

The following is from the website http://sufiajmer.net/gudrishahbaba3.html.

Hazrat Nawab Khadim Hasan Shah Gudri Shah Baba or Gudri Shah Baba III was born in Moradabad in the area known as Nawabpura. His grand father, Fida Ali Sahib who died on 12th June 1864, had developed the area. He was a very big landlord and owned thirty-seven villages. The date of Gudri Shah Baba III’s birth is given as 15th. December 1894 / 4th Jamadi us Sani, 1312 AH.

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Thankfulness and Patience in Allah (swt)

Sabr and Shukr – Faith in Allah (swt)

Aasiyah was the wife of Pharoh. Her faith in Allah (swt) thrived under the shadow of her husband who said, “I am your Lord, Most High!” When news reached Pharoh of his wife’s faith he beat her and commanded his guards to beat her. They took her out in the scalding noon heat, tied her hands and feet and beat her perpetually. Who did she turn to? She turned to Allah (swt)! She prayed, “My lord, build for me a home with you in Paradise and save me from Pharoh and his deeds and save me from the

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