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Mystic Mantra: The earliest Sufi woman

When Gabriel (the angel of revelation) brought down the first revelation to the Prophet, he began trembling with great fright and worries.

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Sufi women blazing a new trail in Nablus

A unique group of some 40 women come together each week at a religious school in Nablus to practice Sufi rituals and study the faith.

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Sufi West Africa Braces Amid Rise of Fundamentalism

Salafism is replacing traditional Sufi practices, sparking concern about the introduction of Islamic extremism in the region.

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Reading the Quran: A Primer in History, Facts and Context

The Quran is certainly unlike most books most modern audiences are familiar with, because unlike them, it does not present a linear argument. Understanding 

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The shimmering, khamosh dargah

DECCAN CHRONICLE. | LALITA IYER It is among the few structures to have incorporated classical European elements within its architecture. Hyderabad: Crowded lanes, recalcitrant two-wheeler drivers, rash four wheelers and you make a right turn hoping the lane is large enough for … Continue reading

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