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Mystic Mantra: The earliest Sufi woman

When Gabriel (the angel of revelation) brought down the first revelation to the Prophet, he began trembling with great fright and worries.

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Reading the Quran: A Primer in History, Facts and Context

The Quran is certainly unlike most books most modern audiences are familiar with, because unlike them, it does not present a linear argument. Understanding 

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Working to protect the Quran and women’s rights | News |

Editor’s Note: [I am happy to see this article and happy that UW is helping the cause! But I must just clarify one thing from the beginning of the article – there have always been women who have done serious … Continue reading

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Sufis’ teachings – The Nation – Guest Writer

Wonderful stories about Hz Nizamuddin. The picture is of the dargah in the Basti and is not from the article. GUEST WRITER Syed Ahmad Suqlain Haider “If any would lay thorns in your way, do not lay thorns in his … Continue reading

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Sufi saints promoted communal harmony

They travelled the length and breadth of the country singing Sufi saints have played a pivotal role in promoting communal harmony in the medieval India, said ‘Kalanthai’ Peer Mohamed, writer and Deputy Editor, Kaalachuvadu, a Tamil magazine. The Sufi saints … Continue reading

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