29th Rabi ul Awwal Urs Muhammad Chishti 1040AH/1630CE

Dargha of Ghulam Muhammad Chishti Sabri – Chack Pero, Gujratwala, Pakistan

Khwaja Abu Muhammad Chishti was a mureed of Hazrat Khwaja Abu Ahmad Abdal Chishti and the murshid of Hazrat Khwaja Abu Yusuf Chishti. You can see the silsila of the current Inayati lineage here.

The picture of the dargha attached to this post may not be the correct one. There is some doubt as to which Muhammad Chishti is buried there. I have wondered if it would have been possible that the Muhammad Chishti in the Inayati lineage would have traveled to what is present day Pakistan. There is another version of his biography in which he is buried in Chisht, Afghanistan which seems more likely to me. But actually I liked this picture so much that I thought it would be nice to see anyway!

If you have more information about either this Dargha or the biography of Khwaja Abu Muhammad Chishti I would appreciate hearing about it.

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