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As salaam alaykum, greetings of peace to you! New recommended book of the month for January 2018  is the new Centennial Edition of Volume II “The Mysticism of Sound” of the Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan. MUSIC has long been an important part of Sufi culture and practice. Hazrat Inayat Khan’s musical qualifications are well known. Born into the family of the eminent musicologist Mawlabakhsh, he became a professor of music at an early age, and subsequently won laurels throughout the India for his performances as a vocalist and player of the Saraswati vina. The lectures contained in The Mysticism of SoundMusic, The Power of the Word, and Cosmic Language represent the harvest of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s lifelong cultivation of the
transformative power of music and sound—as much, at least, as could be rendered in words. For decades, these fascinating discourses have provided inspiration not only to Sufi practitioners, but also to musicians working in various genres. It is hoped that this new edition will bring Hazrat Inayat Khan’s spiritual philosophy of music to a new generation of divers for pearls in the ocean of the human heart.

 New Articles
I have been adding more news stories and articles. Most recently a series of writings on Adab from classes Imam Salim gave at the Abode of the Message a few years ago.
 This really is a labor of love so please be patient if you don’t see something you want. Or, even better, write me a note telling me how much you love the new site and what else you would like to see there.


If you were subscribed to the previous site you will have to renew your subscription to this new one by following it, and if you were never subscribed then you can take this opportunity to do that now. Following (subscribing) simply means that you will receive notices of new postings in your email. If you wish toimam_shahada follow this blog you can do so from the widget on the right side of the page or you can go to the contact page. When you fill out the contact form be sure to check the box indicating you want to be added to the contact list. I will then send you an invitation so you can accept and be added.
Thanks to all for your support and interest throughout the years it is so appreciated!
Peace and Blessings to all!,
Imam Salim
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