21st Rabi ul Awwal Urs Pir Muhammad ul Hassan Jili ul Kaleemi, 1308AH/1890CE, Tolichowki, Hyderabad, India

Mazar of Muhammad Hassan Jili Kalimi (photo credit Imam Salim Chishti (c) 2011)

Muhammad ul Hassan Jili ul Kaleemi is an extremely important figure in the initiatic lineage of two Chishti orders. The Inayati (through Abu Hashem Madani) and the Kaleemi (direct lineage to the recently departed (2013) Shajada Nasheen, Pir Rasheed-ul-Hassan Jili-ul-Kaleemi and his successor, Mujahid Baba). He was the disciple of Nasiruddin Mahmud Kali-Shah who, through some others was a disciple of Shah Kalim Allah Jahanabadi.

He was buried in what is now the Kaleemi Astana in the Tolichowki district (near Hussain Wali Shah Masjid) of Hyderabad, India, near him are buried his son and grandson as well as two great-grandsons and several others of the family. The Astana is connected to a Mosque where Friday prayers are offered.

For more information you can contact Imam Salim.


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