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3rd Jumada ath Thani Urs Sheikh Abdul Quddos – Gangoh, 944AH

Monday, March 23rd, 2015

(sorry we have no image of his tomb at this time) He was apparently born in 860 AH. He excelled in both, Uloom-e-Zaahiriyyah and Baatiniyyah. His obedience to the Sunnat was the loftiest standard.

Although he, among the Khulafaa of Hadhrat Shaikh Aarif (ra), the perfection of his excellences was by the direct Faidh-e-Roohaani (spiritual emanation or spiritual attention) of Hadhrat Shaikh Abdul Haq Radoli (ra). Hadhrat Abdul Quddus Gangohi (ra) thus writes in his book, Anwaarul Uyoon: “Among the tassarufaat (spiritual actions) of Hadhrat Ahmad Abdul Haq is that 50 years after his demise he attended to the tarbiyat (spiritual training) of this insignificant entity (i.e. Shaikh Abdul Quddus) by means of his Roohaani Faidh.”

He was a born wali. He was a Saahib-e-Karaamaat from childhood. In the beginning he did some farming. From the yield of the farm he would first spend on the Fuqaraa. Hadhrat Gangohi’s Matubaat (letters) are famous. His Maktubaat brim with Ma’aarif (Divine Knowledge of Subtleties). Since the Maktubaat arein the Farsi language, they are not reproduced here. Those who are versed in Farsi should study these Maktubaat in kitaabs such as Anwaarul Aafireen. They will derive immense benefit there from. Hadhrat Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi (ra) said: “Whenever I experienced any uncertainty regarding Sulook, I would ascertain the answer by reference to the Maktubaat.”

Some people record the year of his demise as 945 AH. Hadhrat’s age was 84 years. For 35 years he had lived in Radoli. In 896 AH, he settled in Shahaabad on the request and insistence of Umar Khan Kaahi who was a minister of Sultan Sikander Ludhi. He also lived for 35 years in Shahaabad. In 893 AH, during the reign of Zahirud Deen Babaa, Hadhrat Gangohi (ra) settled in Gangoh and lived 14 years there. Although there are different versions regarding the year of his demise, the most reliable view is 944 AH.