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How parents keep the faith: Teaching the religion of Islam at home –

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Ms. Malik prays five times a day. Henna Malik's (l.) parents keep the faith by teaching the religion of Islam at home: She learns how to pray from her mother, Romana, by copying everything she does. Melanie Stetson Freeman/Staff

via How parents keep the faith: Teaching the religion of Islam at home –

The red brick walk outlines the quintessential suburban comforts – it passes a Honda Pilot in the driveway, winds through a manicured lawn, and ends at the white columned entrance to the Malik family’s spacious newly built home.

But, says Salman Malik, who immigrated to the United States from Pakistan at age 9, there’s something missing: “In the US, Muslim kids are in trouble [because] they lack role models and institutions.”

And here, on the outskirts of Manchester, N.H., it’s far from any Muslim community; a fledgling mosque is under construction, but it’s a small institution without many services. So Mr. Malik and his wife, Romana, “have to step in to fill that void,” he says. “We have no choice. Their [Muslim] identity is very important to us. We want to make sure they know who they are.”


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William C. Chittick, Ph.D.: The Islamic Notion of Beauty

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Beauty in the Heart

In the Sufi tradition we hold that the universe was created out of love. This comes from the Hadith saying that God so loved to be known that he created the creation in order that he would be known. And, as Dr. Chittick reminds us in this piece, “God is beautiful and loves beauty” so each and every one of us, being part of God’s creation is also beautiful and loves beauty. This means that we can appreciate the beauty of God’s creation around us and also create works of beauty to be loved by ourselves and others. In that way we gain a glimpse into the true meaning of God and of creation.

Another important concept here is the beauty of our behavior towards others and the world around us. The concepts of adab and akhlak are founded on this. Much to my delight I have also found the traces of this in some Native American traditions as well, the beauty road – seeing beauty before one, behind one, above and below one is a practice that we can all learn and do in our daily lives. Practicing beauty in our daily dealings with people and the world around us is a form of art!

A very nice post from Dr. Chittick on the Huffington Post –

Anyone with the vaguest knowledge of Islamic culture knows that it has produced extraordinary works of art and architecture — Persian miniatures, the Taj Mahal, the Alhambra. Few are aware, however, that this rich artistic heritage is firmly rooted in a worldview that highlights love and beauty.

Read more via William C. Chittick, Ph.D.: The Islamic Notion of Beauty.


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